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These are some songs from the fall/winter of 2013-14. A couple of them were recorded in a studio, but the rest are just GarageBand demos, to be recorded for real at some point. Just wanted to share. Thanks for listening.


released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Guy Russo Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Guy Russo, formerly one half of the duo Broken Fences, is a bearded lad who has been writing, recording, and touring out of Pittsburgh, PA for the better part of his adulthood. Those who crave a fresh and philosophical take on the soul-quenching lyricism that drives modern folk music are welcome to join this piano-tuner-by-day’s community, order a rye whiskey, and stick around to tap a toe or two. ... more

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Track Name: Favorite Film
Gonna tell you a line from my favorite film I've seen so far
Gonna play you one of my favorite number's I've heard
Gonna try to relate to you with an instrumental song
Gonna sing like a bird till I have no more lungs to sing from

So you can recall what I was

I could travel the world, collecting stories of people I have met
Put them all in a book at the end of a life to forget
I could write my own damn story to fill with what I want
If I wasn't afraid of the millions of blank white pages
I'll take these pages

I'm gonna leave you something to hold on if you like
I'm gonna see this through
You might know me
Track Name: Wild Friend
You might find you're unable to fly
with the lightness you left behind
I had a dream you were talking to me
with the lightness we had

You were beyond your contemporaries
with the lines that you always see
I was alone before, now I'm with me
Realizing it's hard to breathe

Good job, wild friend
you stole the bind
Right on, wild friend
you're coming up now
you're coming over

Can we be happy with tears in our eyes
singing sadder songs even than yours
You might reach out to me, whether it's inches or miles
over half of the world
I wanna see carved into the nose of a sailing ship

Reach for the madness till you drive it for yourself
it can't hurt you though it stings
you'd be wrong to take the easy way home
Track Name: All That We Have
It's okay
you can say that you are really laughing at me
I don't take myself that seriously
If it means I get to hear the sound it works for me

Are you comfortable with where we are again
there are no obligations here
But I have to say that I don't feel too bad
do you?

Can we delight in the moment?
All that we have to be sure

You don't have to be more than just my muse
unless you want to be
Either way, I'll be glad for what it is
and what it's been
Track Name: Heavy Snow
I have seen another face again
and have to wonder where it started
I fear I may have lost my feet again
trying to stay upright on this charcoal

I can't recall a winter like this year
with no relief, only promises
so I'll stay around awhile and see
I'll see where this goes, if I can see where it goes

I don't want to stay away too long
it seems like this might be worth a walk

Rain's coating the snow with ice
you can have your Desperados
I have found that I'm most comfortable
in the freeze, if it's cold I can feel

You can always find a reason
to avoid the celebration
would you rather meet me there and see
if the hearts nearby can take it?
Track Name: I Can't Go Back
You said "Just you listen to me"
You said "You should listen to your heart"
I should have taken words from you
I might not be hung up on where we are
Miles and miles apart

I was never even that into it
The same thing got to me that killed the cat
Weighing on the cost and the reward I gotta say's
looking pretty flat
That would be that

I can't go back
That scene seems so unreal
I can't go back

I guess it had to sit with you
and maybe turn from ashes into fire
You'll always be my brother, you know
even in another place
another try
Track Name: Dangerous Creatures
Are my thoughts the same
as my words would say
can I feel for the other guys

Are the things I do
for some kind of great review
am I playing another guy

It's too late to say, but I'll say
that people are dangerous creatures
it should be clear by now:
they don't change, they just wait
for someone to come bail them out
of the cell they were born in

In the upstairs room
I was hurting too
I saw a face I'd seen before
but somehow more

I left you alone in the dark
with your head in your hands
my heart in the sand
for what, I can't really say
but anyway
Track Name: Aviophobia
If it's up to me this bird stays up in the sky
I know it's hip to have a death wish, but I don't wanna die
Now my palms are sweating and my heart is in my throat
The lady talking on the speaker sounds as nervous as a goat
We been bouncing up and down for a little too long
I can't read, so I'll try my hand at making up a song

There's still a lot to see, and I'm not ready to let go
If the horizon starts spinning then I'll never ever know

Got a few friends down there who'd notice if I'm lost
but I wouldn't make a footnote in the history of us
I wanna see someone tonight but it's getting kind of late
If I make it that far I'll have a drink and celebrate

It's a little funny how the will to survive
bends and it burns and then it shrivels up and dies
It's a long way to Pittsburgh, but I wanna make it back
Even to my empty place, I'll be glad for what I have
It's no way to go out, on a self-indulgent trip
I'm only one of maybe 47 souls just trying to live
Track Name: Time Away
You can always take your time away
I could never save your kind of way

So I'll move slow
I'll take my time, if it don't feel right I'll change my direction
And you'll move fast
You're flying by, leaving all us normal folks behind

I don't know what to say
You're kind to me
Though you know I deserve
Your cruelty

People always see past what's right in their home
Track Name: Must Be I Have Lost My Mind
Here I go
you used to fascinate me now you don't
you're never gonna fit me right, but you were
so inviting
so enticing
must be i have lost my mind

now and then
the right tune hits my ears at the perfect time
and then I wanna dance and sing about what's going on
could we be something
must be i have lost my mind

for now
where is my life, have you seen it?
it should be wrapped up and bleeding
we had a hell of a fight last fall
I'm not sure who won that one
I'm too close to see

I don't know
it seems everyone around me has got a plan
to get themselves in line for what they can call something
meaningful, ideally fame, but any kind of relevance
is all they're asking
must be I have lost my mind
Track Name: Leaves
Did I fall
Can I crawl out from this strangest
lightning storm

Watch your heart
Do your part
Carry it over, laughing

Colder now
Gold and brown
fall to the sidewalk
like they know

What's going down
I wish they'd say
I wish they'd share their secret

Who's to say
how our day will look tomorrow
You might find me in another place

Is it right there in front of me
How do I refuse to see
what should be brighter than this gold
Track Name: Crash Every Time
You're gonna like this one I know
you're gonna this one you know
If you go down that road again
You're gonna crash every time

If I could learn to be quiet and peaceful on my own
Free from the chemicals I grow
I wouldn't hurt you there, I wouldn't hurt myself
I'm gonna crash into the ground every time
We're gonna crash every time

You said take care with every single living soul
The fragile pieces
You might not think it means that much to me
But I've always been a sensitive guy

Maybe it's in my head, all of the nonsense that I write
Maybe it's safe to be carrying on like this all night
Leaving tomorrow be, out of sight
Or will I crash into the ground every time?
Track Name: You See
can almost find an answer
I can almost see it clear
I can hold it in my hand until the light disappears

You can really sing like angels would
There is something in your eyes
You can hold me in your hand and swear you're not gonna cry

O I'm not free
O you see

I could stay out all night drinking
I have friends to let me crash
I could sell all my guitars and spend my life chasing cash

You see I've really lost control here
and you're not sure where you stand
I don't even know if I can co or just give you my hand
Track Name: Up to You
Let me give a sigh of recognition
Never have I occupied anywhere so high
so let me sigh

You can always go
We can go it alone, and that's a good thing
In another season, maybe somewhere across the see
I might be gunning for you, so let me sigh

Let me sigh for the morning that I've found
Let me sigh for all the friends I've kept around
Let me sigh for any one of us who's still tied up and bout
You can sigh with me, in my arms
It's up to you

People always change
then expect their friends to stay the same
You don't always have to be every moon
and everybody's sun
but you can be them for me

There will always be certain souls
receding in our view
There's a cost of living here
that sometimes follows you

Maybe we're both trespassers underneath those distant clouds
It should be turning around

You can sigh with me, in my arms
I want you to
Track Name: Light Show
I like to speculate
What are the signs of?
What do the signs mean to me?

I shook you up, ok
How does the world end?
Not like this I would say
How does the world end for me?

Funny how the light show brings the animals out to play
Sorry love, for taking it too heavy to float away

Look into the rear view
Two different stories, such different stories
What are the stories saying?

I'm still on the cloud
lookin around me
feelin around me
Thought I'd lost you to
gravity's pull, but you're here

You can't ask a bird,
"How do you fly, man?"
He'll think about it and never fly again

So tell me, little fox
Is it all just platitudes?
Should we all take a deep breath
before I steal a kiss from you?
Track Name: Part of it All
Our grandfathers lost their hearing
under perma-grey skies of their own making
They never saw past feeding their sons and their daughters

A few generations transformed and conquered
a world that knew freedom for so many centuries
Industry breaks down, erodes just like rocks on the shore

Carry me home, dark water
Make me a part of it all
Fill me with child-like wonder
as you reclaim this wall we stand upon

There's ghosts in these ancient ruins
They appear to be watching what we are doing
Just like their coal and steel
they melt into the sea

Could they have foreseen the end of production,
where the great rivers force their redemption,
and the bright sun comes back home to turn everything green?


How did we ever confuse
the disguise we imposed on our home for control?
We're at the mercy of
the wind and water and sun

Now it's absurd and silly
to think: I believed I owned my own body
Industry, just like me
wastes away into the sea
Track Name: Bloomfield
Children walking home from school and
patients softly praying
This is the home of the one I love

Used up books and records
tattoo shops with noise-rock playing

Hipsters hunting what they call "authentic" get no closer
Ex-boyfriends' graffiti on the side of discount grocers

And if I'm honest with myself
There's nothing different about me
I just hope along the way
To sometimes feel the beat

Friendship stretches east to west
connecting all the neighbors
No one seem sot know if there are any actual borders

Sandwich shops will take your order 1am or later
Crazy,mixed-up bumper bike man
calling me a hater

St. Maria watches over ex-junkies and smokers
Friendly fans of Polish food contend that they're still sober
Track Name: Midwestern Sky
I went out west with my friend
We put our faith in the GPS
and set out to find some folks
to sing to about high school

We played some tunes

We didn't make much at first
or any more down the line, I guess
but we did meet a new cast of characters to sing about
on the next tour

We played some tunes

Somewhere south of Chicago
he told me, "I'm seeing it clearly now,
"My family and me, we're all suffering from the same crazy"

We sang some tunes

The midwestern sky carries on for years
I'll meet you at the ocean lakes and turbine fields

I found a piece of my heart
inside a tree at Columbus Park
Someone left it for me
to feel a little closer than before

But my friend, he was down
I didn't quite know just what to say
And it turned out all he needed
was a haircut and a shave

We sang some tunes